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Friday, August 28, 2015

Opposition party seeks to impeach home affairs minister

The home affairs minister offered an apology Friday over a recent toast he made on the upcoming elections as the main opposition party is pushing to impeach him for it.

Minister of Security and Public Administration Chong Jong-sup is under fire over a toast he led during a dinner with lawmakers of the ruling Saenuri Party earlier this week.

Chong allegedly asked the participants to chant "victory at any cost" after he chanted "general elections."

South Koreans are set to go to polls next April to elect lawmakers.

The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy claimed Chong's comments violate the election laws that call for, among other things, the neutrality of public officials.

"There is a clear illegality of Chong's comments," said Lee Choon-suk, floor leader of the opposition party, though he did not give a specific time frame on when they will initiate the impeachment.

Chong insists that he just made well wishing remarks, which he said did not carry any political intention or meaning.

"I am really sorry about it," Chong said told reporters, adding that he will ensure a similar slip of the tongue does not happen again.

He also vowed to keep his job and to ensure that his ministry will maintain neutrality in elections.

The ruling party also came to the defense of the embattled minister, saying that while Chong's remarks are inappropriate, they are not something that should force him out of office.

The ruling party described Chong's toast as well wishing remarks in a meeting with ruling party lawmakers.

The parliament can initiate an impeachment motion against a Cabinet minister if one-third of the lawmakers endorse it. The impeachment proceedings would be referred to the Constitutional Court for a final ruling if half of the 297-strong National Assembly votes in favor.

The opposition party has 128 seats while the ruling party commands a parliamentary majority with 159 seats. (Yonhap)

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